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How IBM’s Emerging Technologies Are Moving Us Closer to “Smart Cities”

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  1. Facilitator PeterW says:

    Efficiency is created via simplicity.

    Simplicity provides for balance, thus ask yourself:-

    Does this action provide simplicity?

    Does this action provide balance?

    Intricate does not provide viable balance.

    Intricate is a patch on an imbalance

  2. Joe Maxwell says:

    The highway transportation solution that can solve almost all of the problems that exist today has been put together by a small group of old Industrial Designers, 80 years old + or – a few years. You can find out some about what they are doing by looking up the subject, optimum transportation system. It is a work in progress without any funding but very well thought out and deceptively simple. It should not cost tax payers money, take up any new land or hurt the environment. This is not a sexy solution for the rich to have fun with but a solution that can help everyone while saving billions of dollars a year.

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